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Realistic goals

August 5, 2005


To the editor:

Your recent article about Atty. Gen. Kline and Sen. Vratil appearing before the Kansas Board of Education, noted:

Vratil said, "the state may be setting itself up for future lawsuits because of school accreditation regulations that require in future years that every student reach a proficient level in reading, math and science.

"Schools will never be able to reach that level, and therefore may face lawsuits from students' parents who allege the state hasn't provided enough funding to accomplish the task," he said.

While I understand the concerns, and I won't ask people for whom they voted, I assume the majority of Kansans - including many legislators - voted for President Bush in 2000 and 2004; the administration ran for office with No Child Left Behind as a centerpiece of its platform. It's too late to whine now. Besides, if we voted to leave a child "behind" would it be yours?

Kansas educators are working hard to achieve these goals, and while 100 percent may be unrealistic, a 95 percent success rate is achievable over time with the right teachers and administrators, parental support and a clear focus on academics.

Paul R. Getto,



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