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What tolerance?

April 21, 2005


To the editor:

Lawrence, Kansas, a place of tolerance and acceptance. Except when its people don't agree with something. Then they resort to rhetoric and name-calling. They want Lawrence to stand for civil freedom and free speech, but be careful. When you do speak your mind, this city, with its open arms and supposed friendly demeanor, changes into a very ugly place.

A perfect example was John Hoopes Public Forum letter on April 17. Instead of trying to understand the way I feel and realize that I, too, have a right to feel and vote the way I know is right, all he can do is call names. It really reminded me of when I was in the first grade and had an argument with another child that ended in name-calling.

It seems to me that every time someone tries to speak out about something contrary to what the liberal left in this community believes, they are attacked, called names, and then subjected to rants and raves that have nothing to do with what the person was even talking about. I just wonder where all of the open-minded, tolerant people are that everyone claims this whole city is about.

Matt Withers,


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