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April 21, 2005


To the editor:

In response to the editorial (Journal-World, April 18), you asked and answered your own question! Your editorial asked why Steve McAllister stepped down from his position as dean of the Kansas University School of Law and the answer is very simple: "He just DOESN'T GET IT." When a dean of a prestigious university states the school's shocking drop in the U.S. News & World Report rankings really doesn't hurt the school's reputation in any significant way, I say he just doesn't get it.

I believe the KU chancellor and Kansas Board of Regents do "get it," as well as all those parents believing KU was one of the elite law schools around. Think of all the thousands of dollars those parents were willing to invest with pride in their children's education at KU.

I applaud Mr. Davis, the acting dean, for coming to KU's aid and shoring up the dam. I believe no matter what profession, be it educational or sports, people (law schools as well) learn from their mistakes. Hopefully, this will wake up the university, and KU's law school once again will become an outstanding law school, as it was prior to the '90s.

Ed White,


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