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Kansas values

April 21, 2005


To the editor:

In response to Mr. Withers' letter (Public Forum, April 13), I fail to see how protecting any group's civil rights is harming anyone's way of life. Further, many of those who originally "flocked" to Kansas did so in an effort to prevent slavery in this state. Many were labeled liberals (and worse) for their anti-slavery ideals. Perhaps some of Mr. Withers' ancestors were in this group of courageous settlers.

As a Kansan who was born, raised, educated and employed in this state, I don't judge my fellow citizens by their race, religion or sexual orientation. Nor do I think religious theory should be taught in science classes. Isn't it interesting that Mr. Withers groups tornados and the conservative base in the same sentence. Well, neither tornados nor a conservative base has or will drive this Kansan from her home state!

Jane Tusten,


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