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Course vandals

April 21, 2005


To the editor:

As a community, we need to find a way to stop the vandalism taking place at Eagle Bend Golf Course. The staff and maintenance people are trying to make this course a great place for the locals as well as out-of-towners. Yet, we seem to have individuals that wish to continually vandalize the course.

In years past, several greens have needed repair after unknown culprits broke in and drove their car on them. The machinery can't be left out because people try to destroy it. Last year, the course purchased new golf balls for the driving range. It didn't take someone long to break into the ball machine to steal more than half the new balls.

Early next month, Eagle Bend will be hosting a Futures Tour golf event for those aspiring to make it onto the LPGA. As a result, Eagle Bend is taking steps to make our course presentable to everyone. Part of the improvement was to obtain new yardage markers for the driving range. (Great looking signs.) Unfortunately, it only took two days for someone to drive in and run over one of the markers. There's good news, however. That person ruined one of their headlights when they hit the post they didn't know was there anchoring the sign. So, if there are any parents who have a broken headlight on their car from Saturday night, April 17, you may want to ask your young nonadult what happened. It may be hard to explain the headlight. Please stop vandalizing the course.

Roger Powell,


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