Offender threat

To the editor:

After searching the Internet for sex offenders’ locations in Douglas County, it is frightening to think there are even more people with this sickening behavior that will be brought to Lawrence.

Did you know there are several sex offenders located very close to our schools? There is one living directly across the street from Prairie Park School. This person can watch the coming and going of our children with no suspicions.

A “no pedophile” zone would be good! In some states, but not in Kansas, according to the agent I spoke to at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, it is an enforced law that pedophiles cannot live within so many yards of a school. Getting this changed for Kansas would be one step in the direction of correcting some the flaws in the sexual predators registration program now.

We must do all we can to get laws in effect that will be enforceable. Another way to fix this is to never let another sex offender back into society. Maybe if all the ones out there now knew they would be locked up forever, they would have more second thoughts before they harmed anyone again. Although, history shows us they cannot be fixed.

Maybe Atty. Gen. Phill Kline should be a little more worried about the ones we keep putting back on the street, across the streets from schools.

Keri Collins,