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Christian love

April 13, 2005


To the editor:

Once more, Lawrence has demonstrated its position as an oasis of sanity in an otherwise increasing environment of hatred and fear. It is no surprise to see repeated efforts to needlessly manipulate our constitution and our freedoms by some misguided individuals with a gift for persuasion who abuse their influence over an unwitting and naive audience, whether it be in the classroom, over the airwaves or, worst of all, from the pulpit.

It should be obvious that there has never been a legitimate argument for such policies adopted by the radical conservatives other than to further an agenda of intolerance and bigotry. The most disturbing element in this scenario is that the proponents of this new wave of conservatism label themselves "Christians" and use this label to promote policies and ideas which would no doubt bring grief to the one to whom they claim allegiance.

I, a married, Christian heterosexual, am saddened by this misrepresentation of my faith. Our constitutional freedoms were meant for all citizens, not just those of one particular belief system. Equality for all in no way threatens my own marriage, faith or value system. Any agenda that is based on fear cannot possibly be based on the love of God as demonstrated by Jesus Christ during his time on Earth. I would imagine that the most outspoken and self-righteous so-called "Christians" of this era would be unrecognizable to he who spent his life trying to demonstrate the true meaning of love.

Beverly Falley,


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