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Bad ideas

April 13, 2005


To the editor:

Recently, a Kansas Senate committee approved a "Slots for Tots" proposal that would allow casinos in six counties and slot machines at pari-mutuel racetracks.

Meanwhile, Gov. Sebelius continues to push for a "compact" with the Sac and Fox Nation and the Kickapoo Tribe.

Both proposals are bad ideas!

Legalized gambling is not a free ride for the taxpayers. Many socioeconomic problems are created or increased when legal gambling becomes widespread. Casinos and other gambling endeavors that profit from such often do not bear the brunt of these costs. The taxpayer does.

A state-owned casino in Wyandotte County with all profits going to the state of Kansas for education purposes is the only increased gambling proposal that makes any sense at all.

The $50 million to the state coffers that the Sebelius "compact" proposes is merely "chump change"!

Robert Hinton,


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