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VNA praise

April 9, 2005


To the editor:

I wish the local politicians would review their attitude toward the Douglas County Visiting Nurses Assn. The term "train wreck" was addressed recently to their annual appeal for funds, necessary to supplement what they receive from the United Way and from the state, which requires them to take on the Medicaid cases, which do not add up to business success.

I do not hear much praise and support of this organization that is so necessary to the life of this community. I personally love the nurses, aides and therapists who made it possible for me to keep my mother at home on Medicare until she died shortly before reaching age 108. To have put her into a nursing home on Medicaid, which I could have done, would have cost the taxpayers a goodly sum, since she had outlived her money.

The reader of this letter may be the next person to need a nurse and wonder how to meet the expense. I think the "train wreck" is the attitude of the politicians who delivered that disgraceful remark.

Beverly Boyd,


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