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Children of God

April 2, 2005


To the editor:

We are not all children of God because becoming His child is solely determined by our choice and free will to make that decision. However, if you are a Christian, as a child of God you must realize that God is a loving father. Along with being the loving God that did send His Son to die for all mankind, He will act like a father to us. This means we must be open to His discipline. His loving arms are opened wide, but like any caring and loving parent, He will not let you just do what you want without being disciplined. He keeps us in check with His discipline and we can see what He expects from us in the Bible.

Through salvation only in Jesus Christ, we are new creatures that are free to live for Christ, which means we should strive for a sin-free life like Christ lived. Does that mean we will accomplish it? No, because we are human. However, that does not mean we should keep living in our sinful ways. Do not mock God by living in the way that feels good instead of living by the Word of God, because we will all reap what we sow in our lives.

A loving God also is a God that disciplines us and expects us to live a godly life. Are you striving to live your life explicitly by the Word of God, or are you living according to a perverted gospel?

Craig Alexander,


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