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Bond support

April 1, 2005


To the editor:

I will be voting in favor of the school bond issue next week, and would hope that the majority of the community will do the same. There are many educational, safety and sound economic reasons that make this bond issue at this particular time a good one for our community. I have read many of the negative comments in this column from opponents of the bond issue, and I simply want to indicate my total support for the proposition. It will provide equity in terms of the facilities of our four junior highs as well as address the technological needs of our young people

There are always some parts of a bond issue that someone (me) might not totally agree with, but the bottom line is that we have elected dedicated school board members and hired highly qualified administrators to give the public their valued opinion as to when is the right time for a bond issue and what should be on it. In looking back at the history of this community, previous bond issues that have been presented and passed have turned out to be appropriate, affordable and beneficial to the education of our most precious resource -- our children.

In this deplorable time of wasted opportunities by our Legislature to provide adequate moneys for salaries and programs, the least we can do as a community is to say YES to quality, equitable facilities and much-needed technology. Even though it will not put one dollar into the pockets of our valued teachers, a resounding YES vote on this issue would do much for the morale of those classroom saints.

John Tacha,


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