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A sad ending

April 1, 2005


To the editor:

By the time this letter makes it to print, Terri Schiavo may have died, barring last minute intervention. The only thing left to decide is the cause of death. Did she starve or was she ripped limb from limb by squabbling family members and lawyers? Seems like everyone involved has forgotten Terri is the victim here, particularly her husband (by law only, it seems), or her blood family.

Everyone has been fighting for 15 years about what is right for Terri, but she is the only person who can answer that question. Unfortunately, she cannot relay that. It is so sad that her family members hate each other so much that Terri is getting trampled underfoot. Family needed to put aside their differences and between cups of coffee, hugs and tears, make the right unified decision. Terri would have agreed, I'm sure.

My stepfather fought mesothelioma bravely and unceasingly for 18 months, surpassing doctors' predictions of three months. Three weeks ago he made the decision to give up the fight. Two weeks later he lost his battle with cancer and, at the very same instant, won his battle for eternal life. He chose to go naturally at his home with loved ones at his side. All his family was there for him and he was at peace.

Terri Schiavo is dying without her family at her side. They are too busy running from courtroom to courtroom. So tragic! This could have been avoided if all concerned would have put their hatred for each other aside for her. How unfortunate that her death is the only way to stop the abhorrent situation in Florida.

Neil Wright,


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