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Greedy Congress

September 25, 2004


To the editor:

We read, with disappointment, two articles that appeared in the Journal-World on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

The first commanded a prominent place on the front page of Section B reporting that skyrocketing health insurance costs were forcing some Kansas families to choose between health care and other needs. Some people have no health insurance at all and work hard just to exist with ever-increasing costs of necessities.

The second, a small article hidden inside on page 3A, told us "with little debate House lawmakers on Tuesday (Sept. 14) included themselves in a pay raise of about $4,000 per year" (again).

We are disgusted that the people we sent to Washington on our behalf are once again greedily and selfishly taking care of themselves first. This, their sixth straight cost-of-living raise, brings their salaries to over $162,000 in addition to generous health insurance benefits, vacation packages and retirement benefits.

What happened to character and integrity? When will they demonstrate leadership by occasional sacrifice and restraint?

Shirley Adams,


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