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Nader option

September 24, 2004


To the editor:

As the 2004 presidential race heats up, both parties agree on one thing: Every vote counts! Both parties disagree on nearly every other issue, including voting for Ralph Nader.

The Democrats believe that a vote for Ralph Nader is a vote that Democrats lose. The Republicans disagree. That may have been true for the Democrats in 2000, but 2004 is different. What if enough disenchanted Republican voters (and there are many) were to cast their vote for Ralph Nader? Is this a remote possibility? Not really!

If one carefully compares Mr. Kerry's positions on most issues, i.e., the economy, health insurance, illegal immigration, etc., the similarities between him and Mr. Bush are not that far apart.

Behaviorwise Mr. Kerry is a chronic flip-flopper, and Mr. Bush is a chronic promise-breaker.

Both candidates receive huge campaign contributions from giant corporations.

Mr. Kerry continues to blast Mr. Bush for his handling of the war in Iraq. Need I remind Mr. Kerry that he and many other Democrats voted for the war? While the war in Iraq was a bad idea, and poorly planned, neither candidate has a clue on how to get us out of this Mideast version of Vietnam. Ralph Nader does have a plan for an honorable exit.

When comparing Mr. Bush with Mr. Kerry, I often think of the movie, "Dumb and Dumber." Oops, a slip of the pen!

Mr. Nader will do what he says he will do.

Robert Hinton,


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