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Iraq morass

September 22, 2004


To the editor:

Ed Feulner in "Iraq action was necessary," Journal-World, Sept. 17, calls the war in Iraq "worthwhile. Even critical." His article presents nothing new, but simply repeats the already discredited claims of the Bush administration, that invading Iraq was part of the war on terrorism, that the invasion was justified by Saddam's slaughter of Kurds and Shiites, and that Iraq posed an immediate, serious threat to the safety of the United States.

Mr. Feulner writes as if nothing had been learned about Iraq since we invaded. He connects Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein in an imaginary war of global Islamic terrorism to "destroy us." He confuses Iraqi efforts to shoot down planes over their soil with attacks on America. And he completely ignores the weight of evidence that the war has not had the "positive outcomes" he thinks would justify it.

He concludes that "one thing is certain. We will win, in Iraq and in the broader war." I recall the same unsupported claim being made about the war in Vietnam. The endless repetition of empty claims may work in advertising, but does nothing to help us get out of the morass created by President Bush.

Paul Fairchild,


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