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Political vandals

September 16, 2004


To the editor:

Earlier this month, my wife and I put up a sign in our yard and a bumper sticker on our truck supporting John Kerry for president. The following night our yard sign was destroyed. I found the twisted frame the next morning pulled out of the ground and thrown on our yard I was not able to locate the destroyed sign.

Later, I found beer bottles had been placed behind the rear tires of our truck. Had I not noticed these bottles, we would have had two flat tires later that day when my wife attempted to drive to work. It was clear to me that the bottles had been deliberately placed.

I spoke with another Lawrence resident who has been active in supporting Democratic candidates in the past. Apparently my experience is not uncommon. I was told yard signs supporting Democratic candidates are routinely destroyed. Last month another letter writer to the Journal-World described finding bottles placed behind her car tires due to her political bumper stickers.

It seems that some Lawrence area residents have a problem with vandalism and living with neighbors of opposing viewpoints. Harassment and intimidation of your neighbors should play no part in the political process.

James Quinn,


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