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Hard to explain

September 9, 2004


To the editor:

I've been thinking.

I don't understand aggressive attempts by the GOP to control every single district and office in the country (e.g., district boundary gerrymandering in Texas and Kansas). This is especially upsetting since the current GOP seemingly only listens to party loyalists, thereby disenfranchising half of the population. Is a one-party system a democracy?

I don't understand how thoughtful, analytical thinking became a negative characteristic. Intelligent people, I was taught, use their intelligence to weigh issues, facts and evidence to make educated decisions. A sign of intelligence is one's willingness to rethink decisions and possibly change one's mind. The current president seemingly has made pigheadedness, recklessness and willful ignorance fashionable. Anyone who deliberates on important issues or changes his/her mind with new evidence is labeled "waffler'" "flip-flopper" and "vacillator."

I don't understand how the Republican administration (including several key members who actively avoided the draft and/or combat) can on the one hand honor veterans and soldiers who have fought/are fighting for our country (even in the most wasteful and unpopular wars), while on the other hand disparage, attack and dishonor combat veterans and war heroes.

I don't understand how that same administration can send thousands of our young citizens into foreign combat in an unprovoked war that was (and still is) protested and despised by millions of Americans.

I don't understand the surprise and confusion over initial congressional support for this president and his war at a time when McCarthy-like retribution, "un-American" labels, and political suicide threatened anyone who disagreed.

Sharon Dewey,


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