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Jobs needed

October 20, 2004


To the editor:

In the final presidential debate, George Bush was asked for a plan to improve the bleak job situation in our country. His immediate response to every question on jobs was to praise his unfunded mandate of No Child Left Behind. Not once did he give an answer on what he would do to discourage outsourcing or reducing the cost of health care coverage, so businesses could afford to hire more employees.

When John Kerry was asked about outsourcing, his reply was that companies are currently being rewarded under our current tax system to outsource jobs. He will change those tax loopholes that are costing Americans jobs.

When John Kerry was asked about reducing health care premiums, he discussed his plan to re-insure insurers and make those premiums affordable, thus allowing small businesses to hire more employees.

On Nov. 2, we are going to make a choice. If you think this country can afford four more years of losing more jobs than are created, vote for George Bush. If you think that having more people employed will grow our economy, vote for John Kerry.

Kristine Jenkins,


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