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Dog park fan

October 20, 2004


To the editor:

We just want to say that having witnessed the interaction of dogs at the Clinton Lake dog park, the city officials who first proposed this idea had great foresight in doing this for the dogs and their owners. It is amazing to see the social interaction of dogs at Clinton Lake.

We live in Wichita and wish we had a similar park here. Dog owners who frequent this dog park are to be commended as well. They, for the most part, follow the rules that dogs must have basic obedience training, and if owners abuse that by having an out-of-control animal, they are not welcomed back. This is a perfect example of dedicated residents self-policing policies for the betterment of all.

Lawrence is a great town for many reasons; this accommodation for pets and their owners is one of the main.

Jean and George Angle,


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