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October 5, 2004


To the editor:

This week, the junior church class of fourth- through sixth-graders at Lawrence Free Methodist Church discussed ways they could be a good influence on the environment as preteens. They were challenged to make a list and submit it as a letter to a public forum to encourage public participation. Here is what they wrote:

We need to work harder on protecting our environment, the animals and our bodies.

Everyone should try to not waste electricity. Turn off the lights when you can, especially in the daytime. Be careful how much air conditioning and heating you use at your house.

Be careful not to waste water. Take short showers and turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

Everybody needs to recycle!

Take care of plants and trees. If you have to cut down a tree, plant a new one. Please don't put paint on the grass.

Be careful what cleaners you use so it doesn't hurt the ozone.

Be careful with fire -- and don't cook without supervision.

Take care of your body -- smoking is bad for you. Don't do it just to be cool.

Using drugs and alcohol can hurt animals and humans. The bottles and litter you leave after you drink can hurt animals, and it kills your brain cells.

Try to encourage everyone not to drink and drive. That's very bad for a lot of humans.

Listen to advice from the experts on the environment. Take care of what God created.

Don't take steroids just to please others. It's not good for your body. Take care of your body because God created it for you.

The Junior Church Class,

Lawrence Free Methodist Church

Robin Jacobsen, teacher

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