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Both sides

November 22, 2004


To the editor:

This is a response to the letter by Anne Holmes (Journal-World, Nov. 15) rebutting a complaint concerning the appearance of Steve Doocy of Fox Network before the local Chamber of Commerce. I would personally have to agree with her opponent. The strong bias of Fox against so-called "liberals" is equally matched by the failure of some of its correspondents to distinguish between fiction and facts. I would much prefer to hear the more objective reporting of NPR, which in the late presidential campaign gave equal time concerning the Bush and Kerry campaigns (and a fair chance to hear from Nader and other minority candidates).

The Lawrence Journal-World, which may have a more conservative approach, is always fair enough to give both sides of the opinion equal time: Note its treatment of Gov. Sebelius, a Democrat, and her proposals as opposed to the majority leadership in both houses of the Legislature.

I am aware that I have biases on some issues, but it helps me make up my mind on critical issues to hear the opposing opinions get equal presentation. So I am less concerned about Mr. Doocy's appearance before the chamber. Its members are intelligent enough people to recognize bias when and if they hear it and to ask intelligent questions when necessary.

John S. Macauley,


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