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Thanks to all

November 19, 2004


To the editor:

The morning of Oct. 26 my wife and I were on the road again, on our way to home in Salinas, Calif. We left Oct. 18 to go to Winfield to celebrate the life of my mother, Dora B. Patton, who was laid to rest in Wellinton, Mo., on Oct. 25.

It was lightly raining as we got on I-70 in Kansas City and had just passed the last free exit headed west toward Lawrence. The car on the right in front of me put on his brakes and swerved off to the right. Then I saw why. A deer flipped onto his back right in front of us. With no time to react, we ran over the deer. I continued to drive to the toll booth -- about 8 miles. A Knight Freight truck driver followed us and offered his assistance and the toll booth operator also was very helpful.

The tow truck driver who came to get our car was a real gentleman. He helped me get my wife, Lotte, into the truck as she is impaired with Alzheimer's. He took us into Lawrence and left my car at the Red Ink Racing Garage. Then he took us to McDonald's at Sixth and Arkansas. The personnel at McDonald's were terrific. We felt we were like family. The men and women at Red Ink were the same way. I can't tell you how good it is to meet such a great group of people as we found in your hometown of Lawrence.

Thank you from our hearts.

Harold and Lotte Patton,

Salinas, Calif.

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