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Liberal whining

November 19, 2004


To the editor:

Quite frankly it is time for the liberals to quit whining and move on. The election is over, we won, so get over it!

Secondly, in response to Janette Michaels (Public Forum, Thursday), moral values do include the War in Iraq. The United States had a right to free the Iraqi people from a horrible dictator. Yes, Iraqi lives as well as our own men have lost their lives to the war. The cost of freedom does not come lightly. How many Iraqis were killed by their own dictator? Why aren't you condemning the terrorists of the Middle East? What about all those suicide bombers that terrorize Israel? Many of those terrorists kill because they have no respect for human life. None whatsoever! I really don't care that you don't buy the moral righteousness of the evangelical religious right wing. That is between you and your maker. However, I do know I serve a mighty God and not myself.

Thirdly, in response to Kathie Nichols (Public Forum, Thursday), Fox News is the most balanced cable news network. It is the No. 1 cable news show. You don't get there without an audience and they draw an incredible viewer crowd. The major networks are the ones that are an insult to mainstream America. They are very one-sided or slanted to the left. As a journalism major, I am appalled by the media bias. No, Fox News stands above the rest.

Kathleen Grissum,


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