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A Kansas vision

November 19, 2004


To the editor:

You have a commendable vision for Kansas, a vision shared by business leaders of this state. It is a vision that can be achieved.

As your Nov. 6 Saturday Column, "Kansas shouldn't let political divisions hamper progress" points out, we cannot approach 21st century challenges the same way our grandparents did.

Your column suggests an excellent way to begin ... by comparing ourselves competitively to our neighboring states -- Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma. Fortunately, the member-driven Kansas Chamber has already started the ball rolling to make Kansas the best state in America to do business.

The 7,500-member chamber recently released its Annual Competitiveness Index, a measure of Kansas against all other states, including our neighboring states. The index shows where we need to put our resources in the future to take advantage of our strong points.

As you so ably pointed out, "Kansas and its residents cannot afford to be handicapped by a failure of people to work together for a better, more prosperous state." We, too, believe Kansas should aim high.

Your vision is our vision. Whatever the difficulties we may face, let us hope Kansans will settle for nothing less than reaching for the stars.

Lew Ebert, Topeka, president and CEO, Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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