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Loyal support

November 11, 2004


To the editor:

The redistribution of basketball season ticket-holders may turn out to be analogous to the way our political system operates. Those who have the deepest pockets get the most access and get the best seats. In retrospect, Kansas is doing what all universities are doing: making the most out of their flagship sport to maximize revenues to the athletic department due, in part, to financial restrictions imposed by Title IX.

The seating redistribution plan hits Kansas fans a little harder than many universities. Kansas basketball is a way of life for many alums and fans. Many of these fans have not or could not afford to donate to the Williams Fund but remained avid and loyal.

Learning of Lew Perkins' salary added to the distaste of these fans. If Perkins' contract is fulfilled, he will make approximately $500,000 more per year compared with our last athletic director. That is about a $100 assessment on each season ticket holder.

Given the unhappiness, Kansas may be in jeopardy of losing part of its loyal fan base at home games in future years. Empty seats at Allen Fieldhouse would be an embarrassment to all alumni but may happen down the road. However, just as we continue to support the troops in Iraq, despite many having differences with the current administration, I think Kansas fans will continue to support the team and players despite the unpopular actions of the athletic department's administration. Go Hawks!

Don Bretthauer,


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