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Some thoughts

May 26, 2004


To the editor:

Former President Clinton emphasized one point to the students in the audience: THINK! Not only should the students be thinking, the Lawrence community should start doing so as well.

This writer, on this Saturday in Lawrence, has been thinking that Assistant City Manager Dave Corliss should suggest repeal of all the ordinances for Lawrence because rarely are they enforced. For example, when was the last time the anti-litter ordinance was enforced? On any given Saturday or Sunday morning one can find on any block of Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky or Tennessee, between Ninth and 19th streets, yards littered with beer cans and bottles.

The city cannot enforce this ordinance but sends a city staff member around to pull up yard sale signs. This writer would rather see the yard sale signs than the beer bottles and trash in the neighborhoods. However, I think that nothing will happen because the economy of Lawrence is based on the sale of alcohol. Even the Chamber of No Direction has not figured this one out yet.

Thinking about downtown gives this writer a migraine. The new "smoking" ordinance will be one that Mr. Corliss can scrap also. It is going to be just lovely wading through the outdoor dining areas littered with cigarette butts. Anyone walked past Henry's on East Eighth Street?

Thinking into the future, a downtown Convention Center could be built on the east side of New Hampshire between Eighth and Ninth streets with ample underground and above-ground parking included.

In conclusion, "think" about this: South Junior High is a roundabout and it is a failure!

David W. Holroyd,


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