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Family of fans

May 23, 2004


To the editor:

I agree with Mr. Gibson about the placement of the "family zone" for the next football season (Public Forum, May 19). We have been "family zone" ticketholders for the past two years and purchased the packet for the 2004 season as well. It is frustrating to purchase tickets on the premise that seating will remain the same, only to discover that the tickets cost more and the seating choice is less favorable than in previous seasons.

I'm not sure I understand the thought process of this decision. Does the Kansas University athletic department think that because last year's record was better and the stadium packed for one game (Missouri) that it can manipulate seating? I might understand the arrogance if this were KU basketball, but our football program has a ways to go to prove that increasing ticket prices for worse seats is worth it.

Honestly, our family probably would not have purchased the 2004 tickets had we known. If the seating doesn't get any better, it will be the last year we purchase tickets, more on principle than on a lack of love for KU football. We, like the Gibson family, are the fans who were at every game, rain or shine, win or lose, cheering for the Jayhawks at the top of our lungs.

It seems that it would be a better decision to keep the "family zone" seating the same in order to keep momentum going for increasing the number in attendance rather than alienating a worthy group of fans.

Isabel Schmedemann,


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