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Country of hatred

May 9, 2004


To the editor:

America's youth is tired of seeing discrimination. We're brought up in a world of hatred that we're strangling ourselves in. Daily, more people are to the frustration point of breaking. America is falling apart. We're starting to quarrel with each other, discriminate against each other and, worst of all, hate each other.

Decisions are being made, but not everyone's voice and opinion are being heard. Before the people in power decide to change something, do they really listen to what everyone else wants?

Do we as a country wish to wake up each morning to the knowledge that someone is going to be murdered, someone is going to commit suicide, someone is going to be abused and someone will laugh? How can we stay in a country that's not doing enough to prevent these things from happening? We can all see things, large or small, that revolve around hatred, but do we all try to stop them? Or do we just shrug it off, our mind, body and soul numb to discrimination?

Why must we promote for people to be so intolerant? Now lawmakers are trying to pass an amendment to the state constitution that will make it illegal for the marriage of a same-sex couple. What harm is love?

I can tell you that I am not a part of America's youth that wishes to inherit this country of hatred. Is there anyone out there that would?

Kait Head,


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