War truths

To the editor:

I respond to Mr. Reitz’s letter of April 28. I suggest that those who objected to the war in Vietnam or did not serve there did not loathe the military. I don’t believe in sending young men to their deaths under the deception they are fighting for their country. Mr. Reitz likes truths: Consider that over 58,000 young Americans died in eight years, many of whom had no idea where Vietnam was or anything of its history. They just accepted politicians’ word they were serving their country.

Here’s another truth: Between 2 million and 3 million Vietnamese died, many of whom were noncombatants. I feel the ultimate respect of America’s soldiers is not taking advantage of their loyalty and bravery by sacrificing their lives for someone else’s war. Today Vietnam is a peaceful member of the international community and a popular destination for tourists, Americans included.

By the way, if you’re going to criticize Clinton for avoiding the war (he was attending Oxford on scholarship), include Cheney and Bush. Oh! I forgot, George was patrolling the Rio Grande for infiltrators. For those who are too young, the National Guard was utilized by rich guys who couldn’t stay in school, avoiding the draft. Truth and the perception of the truth are two different things.

Craig Tucker,