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U.S. bullies

May 6, 2004


To the editor:

The May 1 On the Street question: "What should happen to the U.S. soldiers accused of torturing Iraqi prisoners, should the accusations prove true?"

"They should be congratulated, especially considering what they did to us. They blew up our World Trade Center." -- Andrew Brewer, handyman, Lawrence.

Thank you for enlightening me, Andrew. And here I've been under the mistaken impression for a couple of years that the hijackers of 9-11 were mostly Saudis from "terror cells" in Germany and elsewhere. It all makes sense now. And I've been trying so hard to figure out why we invaded Iraq.

Why do they hate us, Andrew?

Because no one likes a bully, especially when that bully is as ignorant as he is arrogant and intolerant.

The ignorance of my fellow citizens is a much greater threat to my freedom than "terrorists."

Chris Conover,


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