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Wrong priority

May 4, 2004


To the editor:

Isn't it nice that our state government has its priorities in the right order? Our legislative representatives, smitten with anti-tax hysteria, willingly ignore a judicial ruling to provide adequate financing for public schools and now want to plunder the state public employees' retirement fund to fix the problem. Yet these same so-called leaders can move with greased lightning to push a constitutional amendment that protects my divine right as a heterosexual to live in a state where I only have to look at other heterosexuals be married.

Sorry, Kansas employees; sorry, teachers; sorry, parents; sorry, children! You will all have to wait until the kids go to college before they learn how to string a sentence together, but that's less important than sending them to bed at night knowing their fearless politicians are protecting the sanctity of the heterosexual family and its consistent 50 percent divorce rate.

Jim Leiker,


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