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Nothing to fear

May 2, 2004


To the editor:

I agree with Clay Kappelman. The city commissioners need to concentrate on issues within this city that will directly affect each one of us. The city commissioners have taken it upon themselves to speak for the individuals of Lawrence when it comes to the Patriot Act. Actually, it comes as no surprise to me, especially knowing that one or more commissioners have attended the anti-war, anti-Bush protests at South Park. Do they really believe that our rights will be infringed upon, or do they just want to continue spreading their liberal ideology on this town?

Don't let the liberals spin this one by you. Can they come up with one instance when someone in Lawrence has been denied their constitutional rights because of the Patriot Act? If they can, I will gladly contact my congressman and demand an explanation.

The Patriot Act was enacted to protect the citizens of this country, and for that reason only. The Patriot Act is helping secure the future for our children and you have absolutely nothing to fear about it, unless you have something to hide.

Ray Mehl,


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