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No survey needed

May 2, 2004


To the editor:

The last thing I need is another survey to see if the city is unfriendly to businesses. I just have to poll the businesses on Sixth Street from Rockledge west to Monterey Way.

The road improvement that has disrupted traffic and businesses since last year was scheduled for completion by Thanksgiving. It is now fast approaching May, and is the end in sight? I wonder.

Did the city care when it disrupted traffic to businesses during the holiday season (when most businesses make a large percentage of their income)? Did the city care that this disruption severely damaged the small-business community in that area and drove some of them out of business?

The impression over here is that the city could care less. They might get this work done in time for the prom and graduation season.

Any business area in Lawrence should not accept the assurances of the city that the disruption to their livelihood will be kept to a minimum. Time and again, these have been hollow promises. The city's record of how it treats businesses on a daily basis -- whether debating smoking bans, food vs. alcohol percentages or what kind of trees one has to plant along a parking lot -- is a better barometer than any survey can hope to be.

Ken Meyer,


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