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Unfair portrayal

June 24, 2004


To the editor:

What would the sports editor of the Journal-World want its readers to know about the Kaw Valley Soccer Assn.? Apparently not that the U-11 girls Force were the champions at this year's Governor's Cup or that the U-12 girls Force won their division and were undefeated this spring.

I personally tried repeatedly to make the sports powers-that-be at the Journal-World aware of these accomplishments. The sports editor's recommendation was that we should send our picture of the U-11 Force team meeting with the governor to "Friends and Neighbors" because we would get our picture in the paper in color, which would make, in his words, "a nice splash." Excuse me, but we already made our splash when we won after two overtime periods in a shoot-out, the most exciting way to win a championship, I should think.

This was a sports story and deserved to be in the sports section. Instead the Journal-World seems to think a mostly business-related article about an contractual conflict that resulted in a lawsuit is more sports-worthy than what KVSA has accomplished. I believe that is a very narrow view of the world and a very unfair depiction of Kaw Valley Soccer Assn.

Kathy Neet,


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