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That’s it?

July 28, 2004


To the editor:

I learned last week that we will have a very nicely finished O'Connell Road with three lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks (J-W, July 10). Sounds good as far as it goes. The problem is that the road only goes so far.

This beautiful road, meant to handle higher anticipated traffic volumes, will start at Kansas Highway 10 and continue south to where 1300 Road intersects it. Then it reverts to a two-lane dirt road! Sounds like poor planning again. Shades of the SLT.

Wouldn't it be great if O'Connell were to continue another half mile south to North 1250 Road then one mile east to Haskell Avenue? Even if it were paved with a chip-and-seal method like O'Connell has been for the past several years, it would make an easier way for people to travel to Wal-Mart, Baldwin or south on Highway 59.

I feel this is the time to take action while O'Connell is being improved. I believe this project is being paid for with federal funds routed through KDOT to the county.

Danny Drungilas,


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