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Leave Kansas be

July 28, 2004


To the editor:

The Journal-World reports that out-of-state, right-wing anti-tax groups such as the Club for Growth (CFG) are targeting Kansas moderate Republicans in an effort to further a national anti-tax agenda (J-W, Sunday).

The Journal-World quotes Stephen Moore, the head of the CFG, as wanting "to make sure the right side wins" in Kansas. How could this longtime Washington insider know what is the "right side" in Kansas, or what's best for our state? He has no children in Kansas public schools; he doesn't drive on our highways; he doesn't check books out of our libraries; our police and firefighters don't protect him or his property. Why would he care if our schools and universities locked the doors?

Mr. Moore's meddling isn't friendly. He threatens Republicans into supporting the group's anti-tax agenda.

As it happens, the CFG's agenda is as make-believe as Harry Potter books. Although Mr. Moore edited a 1995 book titled "Restoring the Dream: What House Republicans Plan to Do Now to Strengthen the Family, Balance the Budget, and Replace Welfare," the fact is President Bush's hugely unbalanced anti-tax budget has exploded the federal debt, a debt we'll be leaving to our children.

Giving control of the Kansas Republican Party to out-of-state, right-wing ideologues is the worst idea since the Ministry of Magic took over Hogwarts.

John Rosen,


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