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Tax benefits

July 24, 2004


To the editor:

"Americans for Prosperity" spent $112,000 fighting against taxes for Kansas' schools. They and others in the anti-tax camp need a serious lesson in reality. Their premise that taxes hurt the economy is simply wrong. Tax money is spent -- right into the economy. Taxes create jobs in education, transportation, emergency services and many other fields. People with jobs in turn spend money on goods and services, creating more jobs and increasing the tax base.

It is, however, a "free country." So if "Americans for Prosperity" don't wish to pay taxes, then they shouldn't have to. Of course, they should also be legally barred from the benefits of taxes. For example, they should not be allowed on any public roads. Nor should they be allowed to purchase any goods that were shipped via public roads. Some may watch their houses burn while firefighters tend to those foresighted enough to pay for such protection. And those of us who pay will gladly point burglars toward those who forfeit police protection to save a few dollars.

Most profoundly, those who choose greed are forbidden any benefits of public education. They cannot partake of goods or services requiring an educated populace. They must be denied all parts of our social culture and economy that depend on widespread literacy. In essence, if they don't wish to contribute to modern society, they are welcome to live in a hole in the ground and eat grubs. Now that's prosperity.

David Reber,


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