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VNA support

July 12, 2004


To the editor:

I was so very shocked at the county commissioners' recent, unfair attack on one of our finest, most helpful agencies, the Visiting Nurses Assn.

But I was pleased by the Journal-Word's rebuttal of their negative opinion in the July 6 editorial that reminded us of how fortunate we are to have the VNA, and that it should continue to receive community support as it works through its budget. I'm writing this letter to also urge generous community support to the VNA because my late husband and I have received their professional, skilled help.

Three years ago my late husband slipped on the ice and broke his hip. This year, in February, I slipped on the ice and cracked my shoulder and broke my hip. After hospitalization, the Visiting Nurses came to our home every day until we were well. They bathed us. They cleaned and dressed our wounded hips. They exercised us. They checked our diet. They often phoned between visits to check on us, "Has the pain receded?" "Do you need anything?" "Are you consistently doing your exercises?" Such caring nurses giving beyond the call of duty.

I take exception to the county commissioner's remark that fiscally, the VNA was/is "a train wreck." What an unprofessional, unfair, unproved comment. You have impugned the character of wonderful people without proof. You owe VNA an apology and $80,000. That's where I want my tax money to go.

Someday, county commissioners, you or a loved one may need the help of the VNA as my late husband and I did. Will they be there for you?

Carol Smith,


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