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24/40 or fight?

July 11, 2004


To the editor:

The Kansas Turnpike "authorities" are rubbing their hands with glee in anticipation of the new increase in tolls. Their justification for toll increases is to build three lanes between Topeka and Lawrence. Why? It seems this is their busiest corridor of traffic. So what will this mean? I believe it will mean a reduction in the number of lanes (read; down to one) each way for about two to three years as construction is implemented along this section.

That's a beautiful thing, eh? We pay more tolls to have fewer lanes, so eventually more lanes will be built. I have never seen a traffic jam between Lawrence and Topeka on the turnpike. Want to show them what we think of their grand master plan? Stop using the turnpike between Lawrence and Topeka.

There are two wonderful roads between these two cities, U.S. highways 24 and 40. Yes, they may take a few more minutes to get from one city to another, but, hey, they're already paid for, with our taxes. Highway 24 passes through the quaint and hospitable town of Perry, while Highway 40 has great "curve" appeal.

In U.S. history, a phrase commonly used in a controversy with Great Britain over the Oregon country was "Fifty Four Forty or Fight," referring to latitude 54°40'. This was a right of the United States issue recognizing the southern boundary of Russia's Alaska territory. Maybe our local slogan should be 24/40 or fight, recognizing our dispute with KTA over rising toll costs.

Robert M. Tyler,


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