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Over the line

January 28, 2004


To the editor:

The Journal-World frequently makes me question the basis for the claim of conservatives of a liberal bias in the media. The J-W's regular publishing of such far right and confrontational columnists as Cal Thomas and a recent series of letters calling liberals "nit wits" and worse disputes this claim. I am never surprised when another right-wing diatribe appears on the editorial page.

I don't write to the J-W concerning the ultra-conservative columnists; they are entitled to their opinion no matter how much I might disagree. However, the Jan. 22 column by J.R. Labbe moved me to respond.

How dare Ms. Labbe impugn the faith and beliefs of the Democrat candidates for president, while casting herself in the character of God? She implies God is the God of Christians yet seems to have forgotten some of the teachings of Christ: "Judge not lest ye be judged," for example.

Finally, she states, "I just find the Democrats' muddling of temporal concerns with religious messages confusing." By my count, the hero of conservatives, George Bush, did exactly that at least 10 times in the State of the Union address a few days ago!

Shame on Ms. Labbe. She should go to her church, temple or mosque and ask forgiveness. To all, this country was founded on the principal of freedom of all religions, not as a nation of Christians. To the J-W editorial staff, reasoned political discourse is appropriate fodder for an editorial page; mindless attacks, name-calling and self-righteous diatribes are not.

Doug Burger,


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