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Vans can go

January 24, 2004


To the editor:

I was surprised to read about an article you had on Sunday, Jan. 18, about the state program called "van pool" which was transporting state workers to Topeka from Lawrence and other towns for a mere $40 per month.

I have worked at the State School for the Blind for almost seven years, and I provide my own transportation, which costs more than $40 per week just for gasoline. I also have to pay turnpike fees and the wear and tear on my own car. I'm glad the state has decided to do away with this service. Everyone else has to drive their own vehicle to work. Why should these few be any different?

Mr. Pomes was complaining about having to pay $52 a month for the parking garage and how he may not be able to work in Topeka because he couldn't afford the cost of gasoline and vehicle upkeep. I'm sure Mr. Pomes' salary is much higher than mine and I manage to pay my own way to work, and so do many other state workers. I'm glad the state is finally getting rid of inefficiencies in the government.

Deanna Williams,


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