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Police support

February 27, 2004


To the editor:

To say "The anarchists who clashed with police at the Dole Institute of Politics dedication scored another victory" regarding the outcome of Leo Jalipa's trial would be an understatement. It is a disgrace that six citizens took the word of someone who came here for the sole purpose of disrupting a public event over the word of the chief of police, a man with more than 25 years of law enforcement experience who possesses the utmost dignity, honesty and concern for the welfare of the city.

For the third time now, protesters have gotten away with assaulting our police officers. When I was a police officer here 20 years ago, individuals who touched you at all in a rude manner were arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, tried and convicted. I am certain there would have been a different outcome if this had happened to one of those jurors. Then it would be criminal battery, and there would be some punishment. Because Chief Olin is a law enforcement officer, he is supposed to take physical abuse from the general public without repercussions? This is not part of his job description.

So, citizens of Lawrence, do not be surprised if you need police assistance and the officers coming to help you seem reserved. Should one become injured while helping you, there is a distinct possibility that their injuries will be unbelieved and dismissed in the court hearing that will follow (unless I am serving on the jury), and they might think twice before jumping in to right a wrong.

Paula Kissinger,


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