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Black mark

February 27, 2004


To the editor:

I want to commend the Journal-World and the Topeka Jayhawk Club for starting the campaign to raise money for the new band uniforms. You have done an excellent job with your stories. Thanks for taking on this project.

I heard a rumor at the game Saturday that either Dr. Lynch or Mr. Hudson were ordering black pants for the new uniforms. I hope this is not true. The KU colors are crimson and blue. There is not enough blue you could put on a jacket that would cancel out the black in the pants. Missouri has black pants, Colorado has black pants. They also have black for their colors. Will there be an advisory board of band alumni who will have some input into these new uniforms?

I am a believer in tradition, and I would hate to see the money raised by band supporters going to a uniform that may be trendy now, but in a few years, when these individuals have left the university, we are left to explain why our uniforms have black in them. Even though the old uniforms were 25 years old, I liked the colors. They said we were KU. You knew what university they represented.

I was happy to donate to this worthy project. I would hate to see the new uniforms be something that we all could not be proud of.

Nancy Stoppel,

Washington, Kan.

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