Protection plan

To the editor:

It would appear that a bill allowing concealed firearms carry is going to come up in the state Legislature — again. It seems that it may well pass in both houses. It also appears that our governor will veto it. One is led to wonder how the governor could veto something which is obviously supported by our local representatives and, therefore, the people at large.

Contrary to the knee-jerk predictions of carnage on the streets, the experience of the 36 states with concealed-carry laws, violent crime actually has been reduced in those states. Furthermore, no legally permitted, law-abiding citizen has been convicted of gun related crime. The press only reports crimes committed with firearms. You never see articles where firearms are used by individuals to prevent crime or personal injury, although it occurs every day.

Do not be misled by the mainstream press, ill-informed legislators or the anti-gun zealots. We, as individuals, have the ultimate responsibility for our own protection. No police officer, no matter how well intentioned, can prevent crime from happening to you.

Finally, the Second Amendment does not grant the right to keep and bear arms. It enumerates that right.

Rick Laughlin,