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February 18, 2004


Lawmaker's bill targets illegal hiring practices

Topeka -- Employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers would face stiffer penalties under a bill filed by state Rep. Tom Holland, a Democrat from Baldwin.

"I have received complaints from business owners both within and outside my district regarding the ever-expanding use of illegal labor throughout our state," Holland said Tuesday.

Typically, he said, unscrupulous businesses hire illegal immigrants as independent contractors and then are able to underbid other contractors.

The bill has been referred to the House Commerce and Labor Committee.

Tax amendment gets committee approval

Topeka -- A measure that would require a public vote on any proposed state tax increase cleared its first legislative hurdle Tuesday.

The House budget-writing committee approved the proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution.

The amendment would require a statewide vote before the Legislature could increase taxes or fees, and it would also attempt to limit growth in government spending.

Before it could become part of the state constitution, it must receive two-thirds approval in the House and Senate and then be approved by a majority of votes in a statewide election.

The measure is House Concurrent Resolution 5034.

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