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Community care

February 15, 2004


To the editor:

Recently we were reminded what a good place Lawrence is. Our 14-year-old son, Tom Henry, broke his leg while sledding with his Bishop Seabury basketball teammates on the Kansas University campus. The first to notice was a student who was just passing by, Brad Dreier. He not only stopped to help Tom, but also called one of us on his cell phone, called 911, met me when I arrived and continued to wait until the ambulance had taken Tom to the hospital.

The paramedics, John Mathis and Greg Murray, were equally kind, as well as professional, efficient and courteous. John took care in cutting off Tom's boot "so he could still wear it, because it looked new," and both men kept Tom in good spirits. At the hospital, doctors Davis and Randall, nurses Robin and Yvonne, X-ray technician Charles, and the rest of the Lawrence Memorial emergency room staff treated Tom as their only patient, even though they were clearly swamped with Potter Hill casualties (trees 10, students 0) and other patients in need.

And through it all, Tom's eighth-grade buddies rallied around him, buoying his spirits. They might have stayed the whole night if we had not sent them home. We are grateful to everyone for their care and concern. Lawrence is indeed a good place to live, and full of good people. Thank you all.

Beverly Mack and Bob Henry,


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