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Religious peril

February 6, 2004


To the editor:

Journal-World letter contributor, Mike Cuenca, was recently criticized by another writer for his opinion that Christian extremists in government pose a constitutional threat and are attempting to force their spirituality on the nation. I agree completely with Cuenca's conclusions.

Liberal (Democrat) and conservative (Republican) politics are both respected positions that have been essential for a balance in government by allowing for expression of differing views throughout the history of our country. Unfortunately, another dimension, radical religion, has come into the Republican Party in the past few years, and that does raise serious concerns. Conservatism has come to denote religiosity. Too much control of our government is now in the hands of religious extremists, some of whom may be only marginally fit to govern in a constitutional democracy. They have shown rigid intolerance of any disagreement with their "Christian or family values." Many of their value-driven policies are socially regressive and would deny basic constitutionally guaranteed individual rights, equal protection and respect for all persons.

A democracy that is fair to all cannot allow aggressive extremist religions the power to control our lives. To all in government who hold strong religious beliefs, I say continue with your beliefs and faith, but know your boundaries and do not impose your beliefs and values on others. We now have the dreadful combination of a president and a Congress that is leading us into blurring of boundaries between church (religion) and state. This is a serious mistake that will put our country and the freedoms that we have known in peril.

Donald Moss,


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