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School ideas

December 30, 2004


To the editor:

This is a direct question to the USD 497 school board and superintendent: How can you in good conscience ask the public to support either a $54 million bond issue or a $9 million bond issue when the DLR firm will get 9 percent of either amount?

You are asking the public to pay back money that will be borrowed. On a $54 million bond, DLR will get almost $5 million and cost the district a minimum of $10 million over the life of the bond repayment. This is absolutely irresponsible spending on part of the school board.

To Mr. Loomis, I will respond that this is not from someone who is anti-tax and my friends, neighbors and business community acquaintances are not anti-tax either. We want it done right and in a responsible manner with respect for those who have to pay the bill.

There is no reason to rebuild South Junior High. There are very few families around that area and the growth is to the southeast. Do it right, and build a junior high next to Prairie Park.

As for $5 million in locker room and other improvements at Lawrence High, this does not make any sense either. Put $5 million into a new high school on the east side; use Lawrence High in lieu of South Junior High.

Build a new grade school northwest of town. With that in mind, then deal with a bond issue for technology.

DLR needs to go if it takes two more bond issues to get rid of them. Vote "no."

David Holroyd,


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