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Creative funding

August 22, 2004


To the editor:

The issue of Johnson County charging sales tax to fund its schools was presented as being not "fair." There is no "fair." I realized and taught my kids that a long time ago. What needs to happen is that each county does whatever it can to solve its education problems.

If Douglas and Wyandotte counties need more money, let's also have a sales tax designated for that. Yes, folks who CHOOSE to shop, eat, etc. here or there will pay taxes for that school district, and so what? We can choose to stay here and shop in Lawrence. Yes, imagine how well Sears, Penney's, Saffees, etc. would do if we shopped here instead of trekking to Jo Co. We'd be a site for more good restaurants, too. Imagine the gas, (price, tax and gallons) that would be saved. That tax money would stay here.

Wyandotte County is sitting pretty with the racetrack, gambling, NASCAR, all its new super stores and restaurants. It is creating a lovely tax base.

How is a property tax more "fair" than a sales tax? Everyone who pays property tax, willingly, does not have children in school. Many children in school are from families with no property but perhaps a car. However, everyone pays a sales tax, and the more monied people pay more because they can afford extras, which they do buy. The gas tax shows no favorites, neither would a sales tax.

No matter how you slice it, nothing is "fair." We can wait forever for the government to do something; they will do only what is good for them. Let's stop whining and get to work with creative solutions.

Elaine Creaden,


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