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Death by choice

August 9, 2004


To the editor:

Per Layla McEniry, "pro-choice" is an "acceptable term" vs. pro-abortion. What is the difference between being pro-choice and pro-abortion when both positions support the death of an innocent unborn person?

Does her principle of being able to make a choice without fear of violence or condemnation also apply to slave-owners, pedophiles or spouse/parent abusers? Do they have the right to choose to take action against an innocent without fear of violence or condemnation, all in the name of CHOICE?

"The numbers are astounding" regarding the loss of life of Iraqi children and is tragic, especially since many die from the hands of their own countrymen. Yet one must also remember an unborn human dies every three minutes in the United States (almost 1.5 million a year) via choice. In war, it is rare that the intent is to kill the child; in abortion it is the only objective.

The real reason women seek out abortion is not "because of little or no male support"; it is because the woman did not make a proper choice when she chose to engage in sexual intimacy. Most women who procure an abortion do not wish their pregnancy to be known or find it inconvenient. There are many agencies who will support a pregnant woman medically, financially and provide services to assist her. Interestingly, men are usually involved in that support.

Carole J. Barry,


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